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Farmhouse Muesli’s Super 6-Pack


The team at Daylesford’s Farmhouse Muesli have put together their top 6 favourites in one delicious, health-boosting pack to get you started.

Farmhouse Muesli’s Super 6-Pack Includes:

1. Cranberry Basket (a mouthful of plump cranberries, rolled oats and coconut) 500g

2. Orchard (a variety of rolled oats, nuts, and ripened orchard fruits) 500g

3. Fig Tree (an earthy blend of fig, nuts, and sun dried grapes) 500g

4. Nut Garden (a crunchy blend of rolled oats loaded with nuts and seeds) 500g

5. Bircher (a bircher style selection of fruits and rolled oats) 500g

6. Original (filled with an assortment of 11 fruits, nuts and seds) 500g